• NICOLE COADY Writer/Director

    Nicole Coady is the creator and showrunner of, The Adventures of Snow White & Rose Red, now streaming on Amazon, and set to release as a feature film in 2020 internationally. Nicole received her Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College in Film.  She went on to pursue a career in the film industry working for such companies as the Creative Artists Agency, producer John Hart’s Hart Hubbard Films, and Tristar Entertainment before embarking on screenwriting.  She had the good fortune to have her screenplays produced by New Line Cinema and 20th Century Fox.  In addition, she authored scripts for two children’s animated features showcasing the top selling Bratz line of dolls for MGA, Livin’ It Up With The Bratz and Little Bratz Party Time.

  • Ann Marie Lizzi
    Ann Marie Lizzi Producer & Editor

    Ann Marie is founder of Majestic Media Group LLC, a television/film production & media company based in Upstate New York. Her love of filmmaking began as a pre-teen when she would insist that her mother drop her off at the nearby cineplex to watch “two or three” movies in a row! For the last 25 years, Lizzi has worked in film from NY to LA and back. She is a NY State Emmy award winner and feature film editor and producer. Credits include: The Skeptic (Tim Daly, Zoe Saldana, Tom Arnold, Ed Herrmman), distributed by IFC; and Dorian Blues (Michael McMillan), distributed by TLA Releasing.

  • Michalina Scorzelli
    Michalina Scorzelli Executive Producer

    Michalina Scorzelli is an award winning film and television producer. Her body of work includes Distractions for BET, All My Children, Sex and the City, Sopranos and the feature film, Nate Dogg, which won Best Debut Feature at the Raindance Film Festival. Her feature film, Aftermath, premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival and went on to receive a theatrical run and significant financial success. She has been featured in such publications as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and the L.A Times and had the pleasure of working with stars Christopher Penn, Anthony Michal Hall, Jamie Harrold, Tony Danza and Kaili Vernoff. Some of her upcoming projects include the $25 million dollar feature, The Composer, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

  • Rachel Resheff Princess Cordelia

    Rachel Resheff is a prolific and multi-faceted 16-year-old actress, singer, dancer and writer. She is currently playing a recurring role in Netflix’s new dramatic series SEVEN SECONDS, and just filmed a guest star in Netflix’s FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE. She also had an incredible appearance on critically acclaimed television show ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, in which she played the younger version of Laura Prepon’s character, Alex Vause.

  • Brian David Cange   
    Brian David Cange    Line Producer

    Brian David Cange is a line producer who most recently worked on two critically acclaimed feature films: Equity, a 2016 Official Selection Sundance Film Festival, which will be released in the U.S. by Sony Pictures Classic on July 29, 2016; and Marjorie Prime, starring Jon Hamm, Tim Robbins and Geena Davis.

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray Production Counsel

    A practicing attorney since 1990, Jonathan is a dedicated advocate for emerging and established producers, production entities, directors, writers, financiers and distributors in film, television and other media. He has served as production counsel for a vast number of independent films and television shows, guiding clients from rights acquisition through distribution. Jonathan is also an experienced trial lawyer and has produced and executive produced several independent film productions.

  • Pamela Coady Music Supervisor

    Pamela Coady gained a unique understanding of the specific demands of dance-centered entertainment during her tenure in the music department of top-rated shows, Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

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